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Week 3 ( March 31st - April 3rd ) I am sending you chapter notes on Housing and also Textiles. Please read and learn these and then answer the past leaving
Week 4 ( April 20th - 24th) Carry out a project on Ethnic Cookery. You can choose any country that you like and use the headings in the template that I
    Week 3 ( March 31st - April 3rd) Please read and revise the chapter on Cheese and Yogurt ( Chapter 4 p126 -132) and answer the past Leaving
Week 3 ( March31st - April 3rd) This week I am sending you a new PowerPoint on Advertising & Shopping. I want you to watch this Slide 1 - 15 of this
  This week (March 31st - April 3rd) I want you to do two things for class I want you to find 6 food or drinks in your kitchen that have packaging
Hello Everyone Please click on the link below: First Year Home Economics Second Year Home Economics TY Home Economics Fifth Year Home Economics Sixth Year
Click on the links below to access further information and resources from your subject teachers. French - Laura Omer Technology - Bernard McCormack Maths
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