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Educate Together Partnership Ethos Audit Update

Educate Together Partnership Ethos Audit Update

Cabra Community College/ Educate Together Partnership - Update 20th December 2019

On the 11th of September 2019 the City of Dublin ETB and Educate Together agreed to become patron partners of Cabra Community College from September 2020.

This agreement signaled the beginning of a two-year transition process which is being overseen by a Change Management Steering Committee comprising of: ELqjKz5XkAAH80x.jpg

  • Principal Cabra Community College: Neil Flaherty
  • Deputy Principal Cabra Community College: Denise Yeates
  • CDETB Director of Schools: Paul Crone
  • Educate Together Education Support Manager: Sandra Irwin-Gowran
  • Educate Together New Schools Programme Manager: Adelaide Nic Charthaigh

This committees work during the first term has focused on areas such as:

  • Provision of Educational Support for the Process.
  • Ethos Audit and Action Planning.
  • Engaging with the new and existing school communities
  • Enrollment, Buildings and Adult Education.
  • Model of Agreement for the Partnership.

Ethos Audit of Cabra Community College

Dr. Shivaun O’Brien from the Centre for Evaluations, Quality and Inspections in DCU has worked with Cabra CC teachers and Educate Together representatives to complete an Ethos Audit of the school. The aim of this audit was to explore the Educate Together Ethos and assess if current practice in Cabra CC reflects this ethos.

Students and staff completed a comprehensive survey to identify strengths and areas of focus in our current provision.

Surveys results identified the following strengths:

  • Students and staff feel they are treated equally, and all are welcomed to the school.
  • School policies are inclusive and equitable and gender equality is promoted across the curriculum.
  • There is a warm, welcoming relationship between parents and staff.
  • Students feel that they can be themselves and are making good progress.
  • Students and staff care about the school and feel supported by management.
  • Staff and students believe that the Parents Council operates effectively and that there is a welcoming approach to the involvement of parents in school life.
  • Students feel they are encouraged to voice their opinion in school and engage in classroom discussion.
  • Students feel that the Student Council asks for their opinion and that school management take their opinion on board.
  • Students are aware of the importance of protecting the environment and know how to recycle.
  • Students and staff are aware that the school is a Green School and are aware of the importance of saving energy.
  • Students agree that teachers encourage them to aim high.
  • Most students and staff would feel comfortable being called by their first name.

As we move into the next exciting phase in our transition to becoming an Educate Together partner school, we have prioritised the following areas as a focus for our action plan:

  • The Ethical Education Curriculum.
  • Sustainability - UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Active Teaching Methodologies, Collaborative practice and Digital Technologies.
  • Extra-curricular Sports and Cultural Activities.

To fully embrace the Educate Together ethos, management and staff of Cabra CC have attended several Educate Together events, workshops and training days as we prepare for September 2020. Cabra CC students have attended a number of these events with their teachers.

Now Enrolling for September 2020

Enrollment is now open for first year September 2020 and application forms are available on the admissions section of this website.

Please contact the school office for more information (01 8389577)

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