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May 25th to 29th

Marked exams and also pdf of solutions emailed. We will go through these solutions in online class Tuesday 26th 10:45.

May 18th to 22nd

Test emailed. Write answers in your copy, clearly numbering each question/ part in the margin. Send photos of your completed test to me by Friday.

May 11th to 15th

We are finishing statistics this week, we're learning about standard deviation. Links to videos are in the email sent to you and the links are also in the document I attached.

Watch my video Standard deviation and empirical rule

If you have a new model Casio calculator watch stats Casio fx-83 GTX or if you have the older model watch standard deviation from frequency table Casio fx-83 GT PLUS

Exercise 8.6 page 230 Do Q 1 parts (i), (ii) and (iii), Q7 and Q9.

Solutions to Questions are also on the document sent to you

Please send me photos of questions by Friday 12:00.

May 5th to 8th

8.2 Range and Variability Read the section and work through examples 1 and 2 . Do questions 2 and 3 page 215

Please send photos of Q2 and Q3 by Friday 12:00.

April 27th to May 1st

8.3 Deciding which average to use Read through. Do Q3 page 219.

8.4 Frequency Distributions Read through Do Q3 page 222

8.5 Grouped frequency distributions Read through Do Q3 page 225

Send photos of all 3 questions to me by Thursday

April 20 - 24 (week 4)

This week you will be studying Statistics:

Read Chapter 4 Collecting Data & Sampling. Make sure you understand all the examples and all the key points on page 97.

Read Chapter 8 Section 8.1 Mode- Median- Mean. Work through the 4 examples in section 8.1. This is revision from Junior Cycle. Try some of the questions if you have time.

Watch the calculator video on Random Integers by following the link above to the Casio Calculator videos.

I will have emailed you the links to 2 Forms that I have created. They have questions for you to answer and some videos to watch. Click on the link from your email and your responses to the questions will be submitted to me after you click submit at the end of each form. Working through the forms will help you revise statistics.

Please have the Data form submitted by Tuesday; the Mean, Median, Mode form by Friday 16:00.

30 March to 3 April (week 3)

Solve the following problem using different methods (make sure to include an algebra method): Pigs & Ducks

This week we are revising Algebra 1. Use the link to UCD maths videos above. Select Algebra, watch (and work through the examples on paper yourself) the following videos:

4.1.1 Evaluating expressions 4.1.2 Expand & Regroup expressions 4.1.5 Adding & Subtracting Expressions
4.1.6 Adding & Subtracting Expressions II 4.1.7 Multiplying expressions 4.1.8 Rearranging Formulae

Do exam question 2018 Paper 1 Question 9 after you watch Rearranging Formulae (this is the same topic as section 1.10, Changing the subject of a formula in Text & Tests 3)

Send photo of your solution to the Pigs & Ducks problem and Q9 to me by Thursday 2nd April.

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