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First Year Maths GF


May 25th to 29th

Marked exams and pdf of solutions emailed. We will go through solutions in online class Tues 26th 11:30.

May 18th to 22nd

Summer assessment test emailed. Attempt all questions and send photos of work to me by Friday.

May 11th to 15th

Watch videos, (links emailed to you), on plotting points in the co-ordinate plane and also on exponents. Continue with revision for your final assessment next week.

May 5th to 8th

Watch the Rounding video emailed to you. Also emailed as a document.
Link sent in email to answer rounding questions on an MS Form

Revise: Dividing in a given Ratio 11.2 (page 254 in your textbook and also your notes from last January.). Do questions 4 and 10 on page 270, please send photo of questions to me by 12:00 Friday

April 27th to May 1st

Algebra - follow the link in your email to algebra practise questions on Microsoft Forms

Sets, revise Chapter 6. Take this Quiz on set notation Set notation quiz

April 20th to 24th (week 4)

This week revise natural numbers and integers. Use your notes copy and your book, chapters 1 and 2. Write down the important points/rules/keywords/examples for both natural numbers and integers. Send me a picture of the revision notes you have written by Wednesday.

The email has a link to a kahoot called First Year Revision Number Systems. You will need to use a pen, paper and calculator to help work out some of the questions in the kahoot. Play the kahoot by Friday.

I have also emailed you a study plan for the next 5 weeks

30th March to 3rd April (week 3)

Do corrections of last weeks work from solutions sent.

Solve the problem: Pigs & Ducks send photo of work to me by Monday 30th March 4pm

Assignments on mangahigh (Perimeter and Pyramid Panic). Use link above for mangahigh, let me know if you have any log-in issues. Have logged in and tried some of the assignments by Wednesday 1st April 4pm.

Text & Tests page 195 Questions 12, 13, by Wednesday 1st April 4pm

Text & Tests page 196 Investigation by Friday 3rd April 10am

Oct 25
October Mid Term Break
Nov 18
JCT Teacher Training Day (No classes)
Dec 22
Christmas Holidays
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