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First Year School Work

1st Year Student work for week of Mon 11th - Fri 15th May 2020


Students will receive classwork via email

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Subject/ Teacher

Work to be done

English – Gerry Day

Proverbs and quotable quotes.

Word documents will be emailed to students on Monday.

Proverbs Kahoot quiz will be set for Friday 15th May.

English- Liam Dooley

Monday – Hanging with Hemingway – Reading Comprehension – Students will read the comprehension and answer questions.

Wednesday – Writing Style – Persuasive – Students will look at the features of persuasive writing and where/when it may be used.

Friday – Students will use persuasive language as part of an activity to convince people to visit a particular place.

Maths – Geraldine Foster

Click here for maths

Maths – Nimmy George

Irish – Andrew Clayton

Sláinte agus Bia (Health and food)

We’re looking at sicknesses and advice from doctors

Page 183 in your books – complete the meatseáil exercise at the top of the page and the stór focal beneath it

Using and match the tinneas (sickness) to the comhairle (advice) and send a recording of you saying the full sentences

Example will be sent via Loom video

Some of you have been watching them and seem to think it’s helpful so I’ll continue w

French – Laura Omer

Revision of this year topic.

Work will be sent by email and posted on Cabra cc page

Science – Frank Sweeney

Art- Helen Coffey-Brady

Students are to Make a poster to do with mindfulness. It can be on anything they like that makes them feel good and happy. Eg., Hobbies, Music or Sport. The poster can also be a thought for the day. There are lots of lovely thoughts of the day on social media at the moment.

Students can pick one that appeals to them and draw a picture around it. Example of a thought for the day was given to the students.

Home Ec- Marie Mc Fadden

Draw and label Quality symbols forwarded in notes into your copy.

Log onto using this link test yourself on all the Quality symbols - Study Flashcards - Learn -Write -Spell and Test

Revise topics from Week 3 Revision timetable - Fat -Milk - Balanced Diet - Reasons for eating food and complete Revision Worksheet Week 3

Technology- Bernard Mc Cormack

Technology Work for Monday 11th May to Friday 15th May

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