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PE Competitions

Cabra Community College Physical Activity Challenges

Each week there will be a new challenge, from keepie uppies, to dancing, to random household items challenges.

Email your best attempt to by Friday of that week, with the Winner being announced the next Monday.
The judging panel will be awarding prizes.

WEEK 1 - Keepie Uppies with Household objects

Instrcutions: Choose any object from around your house, and using a pari of socks as the ball, count how many keepie uppies you can do.

Rules: Attempt must be on video, and there can not be any cuts to the video (must be one take)

Winning: There will be a prize for the most keepie uppies done in one take

Date: all entries must be submitted to Sinead McDonough by email ( ) by 4pm Friday 24th April

Example:Find my example here

Week 1 Winner: Well done to Evan in 1st year for getting the most keepie uppies, using a frying pan and a pair of socks. Well Done Evan!

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