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Sixth Year LC Maths GF

Formulae & tables marking schemes

Casio Calculator videos (old model fx83/fx85 GT Plus)

May 5th to 8th

Watch video,emailed to you, of how to do 2016 Q8 and 9. Do both of these questions, please send photos of both questions to me by Friday.

April 27th to May 1st

Do 2016 Questions 1,3,5 and 6

April 20th - 24th

Revision of Enlargements

Revision of Perimeter, nets, area, volume

2017 Question 8 and 9.

2016 Question 2, 7 and 10

Please send photos of 2016 Question 10 to me by Thursday.

30th March to 3rd April

Do corrections of last weeks work from solutions sent

See if you can find different methods of solving (algebra would be cool): Problem of the week: Pigs & Ducks

Exam papers: 2017 Questions 1 to 7 pages 23 to 31

Please send photos of questions 1 to 4 to me by Wednesday 4pm, the rest by Friday 3pm.

Oct 25
October Mid Term Break
Nov 18
JCT Teacher Training Day (No classes)
Dec 22
Christmas Holidays
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