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Monday 18/05/20

The Handshake Puzzle- solution

Answer: 6 handshakes

Displaying this puzzle in a square format allows for a visual solution. In this case we are demonstrating the relations between four people.


We can see that Amy (in the red jumper) will have a total of 3 handshakes: one with Liam, one with Samira and one with Luke.

Liam has already shaken hands with Amy so he will have two more handshakes: one with Samira and one with Luke.

Samira will have already shaken hands with Amy and Liam so she will only have one more handshake with Luke.

Luke, at this stage, will have shaken hands with everyone in the group.

There will be a total of six handshakes for four people.

Monday 11/05/20


Amy, Liam, Samira and Luke meet up. Each person shakes hands with every other person once.

How many handshakes are there in total?

The Handshake Puzzle-1.jpg


Thursday 07/05/20

Solution- The Mouse puzzle

Solution_mouse puzzle.jpg

Monday 27/04/20

You can solve the puzzle given below and send me a picture of your solution by Thursday 30/04/20, 9am

The Mouse Puzzle.jpg


Monday 20/04/20

Work on Assignment 1 by clicking on the link below

Assignment 1.pdf

Send picture of work to me by Thursday 23/04/20 9am


Monday 30/03/20

Work on Investigation1 by clicking the link below.

Investigation 1.pdf

Send picture of work to me by Tuesday 31st March 9 am

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