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Green School Committee Update January 2016

Members of the Green School Committee are working hard at Cabra Community College at the moment.  They are preparing for assessment for their first Green flag for Refuse and Recycling.

The committee have been proactive of late monitoring how our Action plan is going 

Activities ongoing at the moment include:

A poster competition / Awareness rising around recycling batteries, an active litter & recycling team, an emphasis on recycling paper

The committee will be planning their Day of Action soon to coincide with the National Spring Clean in April.

Members of the Green School Committee 2015 -16

Back Row: Ms Kirwan, Mrs O’ Reilly (Deputy Principal), Mr Ryan, Alex Cullen 3rd Year (Secretary) Dylan Uwaeme 3rd Year

Front Row: Trinity Hosey 3rd Yr. (Chairperson), Paola Piejko 1st Yr., Susanne Fuchs VTOS Horticulture, Dale Martin 2nd Yr.

Absent from the photo: Mr Dunne (Porter)

Art students

Art students displaying their talents under the expertise of Miss Coffey.


JCSP Christmas Celebration

Celebrating success is an important component of Cabra Community College and the JCSP. In addition to holding end of year celebrations of achievements for all, 1st years host a JCSP Christmas Celebration for their parents and 2nd years host a party for the primary schools. Attendance awards, and achievement Cerys are awarded to students.  Celebrating success at this stage acts as a wonderful booster to all students.

The JCSP Programme has been up and running in the school since for many years and provides our school with a framework to ensure students enjoy positive experiences of the Junior Cycle through a creative, broad-based curriculum and that they go on to achieve success in the Junior Certificate Examination.


Horticultural students

A reliable bunch of hardworking students. 



Keeping busy , maintenance around the college grounds and garden.




Green School News

Green School News

Litter Patrol

Our new Litter Patrol got underway this week despite the downpours of rain.  Thanks to the many volunteers from 1stand 2nd Year “many hands will make light work”.


The Litter Patrol will clean up after lunch break every day and will actively recycle the rubbish into the correct bins Recycle or General Waste.  They will visit the student and staff canteens to collect the organic food waste like fruit peels and tea bags to bring it to the compost bins.   Students will also ensure that used ink cartridges from the computer rooms, classrooms and offices go to the special Ink Cartridge Recycle Box in the Hallway.

Good luck to all the students involved in helping to make Cabra Community College a Green  School!

14th November 2014