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Classroom Methodologies


For the past year 3 members of Cabra Community College staff have worked with Professor Barrie Bennett, one of the world’s leading experts of Instructional Intelligence. Instructional Intelligence can be defined as the conscious and deliberate utilisation by the teacher of a range of teaching methodologies that impact positively on student learning in the classroom, based on extensive research into how students learn. In addition, this practice creates a greater awareness of how their actions can impact on critical factors or concepts that affect student learning, such as motivation, novelty, authenticity, safety and accountability.
Through the schools involvement with this program teachers have focused on Instructional Skills such as Framing questions & wait time, Checking for understanding, sharing the learning objective, active listening and modelling; Instructional Concepts such as motivation and accelerated learning; and Instructional Tactics such as brainstorming, think-pair-share, graphic organisers, value lines and place mats to name a few.  We plan to train more staff in Instructional Leadership Methodologies.