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Cabra Community College has both adults and young people attending it. The garden project therefore will involve the whole school community and all students will have some involvement in the garden. Some courses and subjects in the curriculum have elements of science, biology, CSPE, geography and the appreciation of the environment in them and therefore the garden will operate as an open air classroom. There is a FETAC Level 5 Horticultural course running in our school so they will also benefit from and contribute to the development of the garden. Students in our Evening / Night and Adult Community classes will contribute to the garden. Our First years will be coming from schools that have school gardens and we would like to maintain continuity around gardening, growing vegetables and fruit.

Our aims are: ​
1) to encourage an appreciation by the student for the environment;
2) to demonstrate and maximise the potential of gardening by showing what, where, when and how to plant;
3) to help students develop an awareness of the seasons, and their significance to food production;
4) to develop their understanding of the role of food in maintaining a healthy body, and especially the importance of fruit and vegetables.
5) to promote the importance of biodiversity and the environment.

Overall, we want to show that gardening can be a healthy as well as a fun activity, something that will fully engage a student’s interest, and can give them a real sense of pride and achievement.

We are delighted to announce that we have been successful in being awarded a grant from