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School Calendar for Session 2015/2016


Aug        Session Commences

Sept.     1st Tues               1st years attend

Sept      2nd Wed             2nd Years & 3rd Years attend

Sept      3rd                         Thurs 1st, 2nd, 3rd attend

Sept      4th                         Fri 1st, 2nd 3rd, attend

Sept      15th                      Tues Open Day/Evening for Mainstream students

Sept      21st Mon            Friendship Week

Oct         22nd Thurs         Parent Teacher Meeting 2nd Years 4.15pm-6.45pm

Oct         26th Mon            Public Holiday (all classes closed)

Oct         27th Tue              Mid-Term

Oct         28th Wed            Mid-Term

Oct         29th Thu              Mid-Term

Oct         30th Fri                Mid - Term

Nov       2nd Mon             Classes resume after Mid-Term

Dec        22nd Wed           Final day of school term before Christmas



Jan         06th Wed Classes resume after Christmas

Jan         19th Tue Parent Teacher Meeting 1st Year 4.15pm - 6.45pm

Feb        1st   Mon Mock Examinations

Feb        15th Mon Mid-Term

Feb        16th Tue Mid-Term

Feb        17th Wed Mid-Term

Feb        18th Thu Mid-Term

Feb        19th Fri Mid-Term

Feb        23rd Tue Parent Teacher Meeting 2nd Year 4.15pm - 6.45pm

Mar       16th       Final day of school term before Easter

Mar       17th Thu              School Closed (St. Patricks Day Public Holiday

Apr        04th Mon            Classes resume after Easter

May       02nd Mon           Public Holiday

June      02nd Thurs         JCSP Award Ceremony

June      03                           Final day of school term before State examinations

June      06th Mon            Public Holiday

June      08th Wed            Start of State Examinations

June      24th Fri                School term ends except where otherwise stated