Cabra Community College

Mission and Ethos

Mission and Ethos

Our Vision

Cabra Community College aims to provide a vibrant, welcoming school community to which every student feels a real sense of belonging. We use the best teaching and learning methods to enable each individual student to reach their full academic and social potential.

This vision is built upon:

• A student-centred school community
• Positive learning experiences
• Active teaching methodologies ethos.jpg
• An Ethical Education curriculum
• A positive culture of participation, achievement and success
• Encouraging excellence in academic, cultural and sporting activities
• Mutually respectful relationships
• Extensive and engaging extra-curricular activities

Our Aim

Cabra Community College aims to provide an education that will enable all students to contribute meaningfully to their communities, embrace the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a democratic society and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to live their lives and to build their careers in the 21st century.

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