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Sixth Year LC School Work

Sixth Year Student work for week of Tues 5th - Fri 8th May


Students will receive classwork via email

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Subject/ Teacher

Work to be done by student

English – Gerry Day


‘The Snake’ by D.H. Lawrence

‘Mosquito’ by D.H. Lawrence

‘Piano’ by D.H. Lawrence

Loom videos and poetry questions will be emailed to students.

Maths – Geraldine Foster

Click here for FL level maths work

Maths – Nimmy George

Irish – Andrew Clayton

French – Laura Omer

Exam paper questions posted on Cabra CC website

Biology– Frank Sweeney

Revision of section A short questions, from Biology Exam papers.

Continue revision of Biology course using website

Using Exam papers 2017 and 2016.

Section A HL questions 1 to 6 paper 2017 and Exam paper2016

Section A OL question 1to 6 ,paper 2017 and Exam paper 2016

Home Ec- Marie Mc Fadden

Continue revising topics from Week 2 Revision timetable - Fats, Fish, Soups & sauces, Consumer choice and Work.

Look at PowerPoint on Soups & sauces / revision notes on Fat which will help.

Answer the following leaving Cert Questions:

Lipids HL 2013 Q1 p61 OL 2016 Q1 p160

Fish HL 2010 Q2 p95 OL 2015 Q3 p172

Work HL 2015 Q3(a) p44 OL 2009 Q3(b) p242

Technology- Bernard Mc Cormack

Geography – Eoin Farrelly

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