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Technology Design Competition - Win a Prize!

Technology Design Competition - Win a Prize!

Cabra Community College Technology Design Competition April 2020

Design Brief: Design a device/gadget/garment that will help to protect people from spreading infectious diseases. It could be a new type of clothing/mask or an addition to existing clothing. You may also consider designing a bracket for opening doors or anywhere else where peoples hands come into contact with everyday items that are in public areas.

e.g. Traffic Light buttons – Handrails – Petrol Pumps – Doorbells


Primary Research (collecting information directly from people) should be carried out to identify the problem. Sketch out your idea/solution and use annotation (annotation is an added note that explains something in text about your device) When you are sketching out your idea use a pencil and consider using colour to enhance the sketch. Use one sheet of paper and do 3 or 4 sketches until you are happy with your design. Keep all your rough drawings as they are the core of your design.

If you log onto which is a free download you could do a basic 3D drawing.

When you have identified the problem and done some basic sketches it may be possible to make a prototype. (a first version of a device from which other forms are developed)


It is also possible to submit your idea in writing. Make sure to explain:

(1) exactly what your device will do

(2) The size of your device/solution include approximate measurements.

(3) The material which will be used to make your device.

(4)Who will use the device.

Click on the My Design Guide link below and this guide will assist you in the Design Process

My Design Guide

All entries for the Technology Design Competition should be photographed and emailed to :

Note : On the decision of the judging panel Prizes will be awarded at Junior and Leaving certificate level.

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